The music we perform helps create a happy and fun atmosphere for everyone to dance and enjoy. We perform many different songs at ceilidhs, these songs include: Gay Gordons, Endinburgh Castle, Canadian Barn Dance, St Bernard's Waltz and Strip The Willow. Click on the play button on one of the songs below to listen to some of the songs that we perform.

The instruments that are used as we are a three piece piece ceilidh band, are usually two accordions and a drummer. However if you do have a specific sound you are looking for contact us and we can confirm with you exactly what we can do.

Like what you here? Hire us today by calling 0141 291 5611 or alternatively click here.

Gay Gordons - The Reel Fling
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Edinburgh Castle - The Reel Fling
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Canadian Barn Dance - The Reel Fling
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St Bernard's Waltz - The Reel Fling
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Strip The Willow - The Reel Fling
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